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Mini Blocks

Get ready for an excellent experience in the field of pixel games with the Mini Blocks game. When you start the game, there is a Start button on the blue screen that meets you, where you can pass your levels and have fun, and Speedrun options that will allow you to finish the game quickly. If you wish, you can press the ‘Start’ option to focus on learning and finishing the game from the very beginning, or you can press the ‘Speedrun’ option to finish it quickly. For those who will choose the Start option, you need to try to get through the door where the block should arrive by jumping your blue block through difficult obstacles. If you choose the Speedrun option, all you have to do is move to finish the game as quickly as possible. Although it is a little difficult to play the game and understand the logic, there are also different conveniences for those who will play on a tablet, phone and computer. 

Those who will play on the tablet and phone can jump by pressing the right side of the phone and tablet, and by pressing the left, they can remove and activate all obstacles. For those who are going to play from the computer, it is enough for them to use the mouse to jump, while it is also possible for them to jump by pressing the letter C. By pressing the X key, you can eliminate obstacles or reactivate them. While an endless adventure awaits you with the Mini Blocks game, you will not be able to leave the game until you pass each level found in the game.

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