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Yummy Tales 2

Yummy Tales 2 is here with new and amazing 3d matching puzzles! Meet your best friend and clever little dog Oscar! It will help you in feeding and caring for your farm animals. To get the covered products from the board in your house, you need to match three or more fruits or vegetables of the same kind. Keep mixing and matching fruits and vegetables until your animals are completely full. In this way, your animals will benefit you. If you don't finish the chapter before your moves are over, you'll have to start over! play through more than 900 different puzzle levels. Complete Daily Tasks and Challenges to earn awesome rewards and gifts like coins and boosters that will help you pass even the most challenging levels. The faster you complete the chapters and the faster you finish the daily tasks, the faster you will develop in the game. It is only the mouse that should be used by those who want to play this game from the computer.

Get full stars by matching at least 3 of the same fruits and vegetables with the help of mouse. Those who are going to play on the phone and tablet just need to get help from the touch screen. if you match 4 or more items, you can enjoy boosters and power-ups! Stop wasting time and play Yummy Tales 2 for free right now!

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