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Super Oliver World

There are many different elements in the Super Oliver World game. The game starts with our hero teleporting to another place while fleeing from some flying creatures that are chasing him. You must collect the gold you see in the game. Gold can be found suspended in the air, as well as sometimes buried in stones. You need to jump to collect the gold hanging in the air, and to get the ones buried in the stone, you need to jump once under the stones that you see in yellow. Not only gold is found buried in stone. You should pay attention to insects and different creatures walking on the floor and on the wall. When they touch you, they will cause your life to decrease and you will die, but if you jump on them, you will kill them. You should also pay attention to the green pipes in the city of Super Oliver World. There are thorny plants in their ic December that come and go at certain intervals. If you touch them, your life will decrease again or you will die. If you see a star somewhere, be sure to buy it. One of the most important elements in the Super Oliver World game is the mushroom. There is a mushroom in the game that increases your height and doubles your life when you pick it up. After taking this mushroom, you need to have been caught more than once so that other elements can kill you.

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