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Fruit Master

Welcome to Fruit Master, the new version of the fruit cutting game. In the game, what you have to do is to cut the fruits carefully using very simple knives, and if you run out of a knife, you will continue the game from where you left off. You will earn gold for each fruit you cut. You can try to cut more than one fruit at the same time to double these gold. In addition, for each level you win in the Fruit Master game, you will win a cocktail and you will taste the fruits you cut with this cocktail. Now, without wasting any more time, start this fun game and try to progress as much as you can. With every gold you earn, you can change the image of your knife on the game main screen, so you should read the instructions carefully. Come on then it's game time! We wish you good luck and have fun in Fruit Master game. May luck be on your side.

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