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Civiballs Origins

Imagine that everything is in your hands of judgment. This is possible with Civiballs Origins. You can go on an adventure by choosing the one that will be most suitable for you from the options of Greece, Egypt or China. Do not ignore the balls that are hung on chains. Both green and red balls are waiting for you. It is also up to you to cut their chains at the right times so that they reach the vases they need to reach. Do not forget to insert the balls into the vases at the right time. It is up to you to bring the chains containing the balls to the right place in a few moves. It is also up to you to eliminate the chained balls in the obstacles that will prevent you from putting the balls in the right vases. Remember that as you progress through the levels you will try to get even more balls into the correct vase. As soon as you finish Dec Greece between the levels, you can move on to Egypt, and then complete the game by completing the Chinese levelette as well.

Overcoming obstacles, sending balls to the right place is completely in your hands. The only thing that those who want to play the game from the computer should do is use the mouse. Those who want to play the game from a phone and tablet can use the touch screen. You will be well connected to the game with special background skins for the countries you have chosen and you will not want your game to end. At the same time, you will have fun while challenging your mind with the strategies you apply. Get ready for unique fun with Civiballs Origins.

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