Super Friday Night vs Neon

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5 veto, 3.0/5
Super Friday Night vs Neon

Super Friday Night Vs Neon has stepped into the renewed 3D world as a big name. It is the perfect game to play with your friends, family or on a bored Friday evening to distract your mind. To play the game, it will be enough to use the arrow keys on the computer. It is possible to play the rhythm of every music with its renewed 3D animated background. All you have to do is immerse yourself in the rhythm of the music by pressing the keys at the right time and at the right moment.

It's the perfect combination where you can feel like a DJ while playing and get more addicted to the game with every millisecond you feel. The music in the game will immerse you in it. While it is possible to play with the arrow keys or W A S D on the computer, it will be sufficient to touch the screen on the phone. In order to unlock new characters and have fun with them, you have to pass all the levels one by one, from easy to difficult. With the keys you press at the right time, the characters in the background will keep up with the rhythm with you. You can add extra points to your own score with the combo key combination you make. If you wish, you can compete with your own score, or you can make a score race by agreeing with your friends. Dedicate yourself to the changes in your background with each level you pass!

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