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Hit Masters Rush

Hit Masters Rush is an action based game. Using this non-stop running game hero, defeating the enemies you encounter will be your primary goal. Of course, the ball throwers should not be forgotten either. In this adventurous action game, you can aim to reach new records and at the same time buy new skins for your hero with the gold coins you collect in the game. Hit Masters Rush offers players a full nine entertaining views of each other. At the same time, you can follow the scores you have achieved from the upper right corner of the game screen. You earn as many points as the way you travel. More roads mean more points. This will push you towards new records.  In this game, which is just as fun to play, you should not forget to jump with the ‘W’ key so that your hero running on the roofs does not fall into the gaps between the buildings Decently. The rooftops are full of enemies who open fire to prevent your hero from reaching his goal, and you have to jump from time to time to avoid their bullets. 

Another way to avoid bullets is to slide on the floor with the help of the ‘space’ key and pass under the incoming bullets. Hit Masters Rush also makes it easier for you to avoid bullets by temporarily slowing down time when you use the sliding feature on the ground to help your hero. Moreover, you can respond to the fire of these enemies with fire. By aiming with the mouse, you can open fire with the left mouse button and defeat your enemies.

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