Bad Ice Cream 7

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1 veto, 5.0/5
Bad Ice Cream 7

Bad Ice Cream is a very fun arcade game. This game, which continues its popularity, is now here with HTML5 versions with the developing technology. Are you ready to do your best by joining this fun in Bad Ice Cream 7 version? Although the game developers have not made a major change on the game, it continues to maintain its innovation with minor changes in the game. The game has been updated with new levels and has been made quite fun. Don't you want to take part in this fun popular game now? You can still play the game as single player or double player and the aim of the game is still the same. The aim is to collect all the fruits on the screen, otherwise you may lose the game and have to start over. You will get a separate point for each fruit you collect, and you can use these points in the shop area at the end of the level, either for your character or to open locked chests. Now try to do your best in this fun game without wasting any more time! We wish you good luck and have fun.

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