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Zombie Clash 3D

Hi! Welcome to Zombie Clash 3D game. In the celebration of Halloween, there is a circus infested with zombies. Are you ready to do your best to save this circus from zombies? All you have to do is to eliminate all the zombies. You have to destroy this zombie invasion using the shotgun or arrows given to you, otherwise the zombies will destroy all the viewers. In Zombie Clash 3D Game, you need to eliminate the reasons that prevent the audience from enjoying the Halloween party, so this task has been given to you. Are you ready to get the highest score by shooting as many zombies as you can this halloween? With the points you get, there will be new assignments at the end of the level and you can supply yourself new weapons with the points you have collected. Are you ready to do your best to have fun in this game? Then we invite you to the Zombie Clash 3D game. We wish you good luck and good luck in advance. Good luck with you.

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