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Angry Farm Crossy Road

In the angry farm crossy road game, you need to help a farmer who is in trouble with his chicken. The game consists of levels. You need to make him move on foot towards the chicken that has escaped from the farm and crossed to the opposite side of dangerous roads. It would also be good to collect the eggs that the chicken has left on the road, but it will not always be possible to do this when walking on dangerous roads. According to the level you are at, you need to get the chicken and yourself through dozens of fast-moving cars on the highway to the farm side without being crushed, cross the road without being under giant hammers, and ensure that the chicken arrives safely to the farm every time without having your chicken caught by different dangers and without being caught yourself. Due to their size and physical structure, some angry farm crossy road obstacles may unfortunately hit you and cause you to burn, while not killing your little chicken. You determine which side the chicken will walk towards by the side you approach it. By tapping the sign located on the lower left side of the screen, you can make the farmer open his arms from side to side. The best part of angry farm crossy road is that no matter what level you are at, if you light up, you have the chance to replay the level by pressing the retry button that appears on the screen.

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