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The Smurfs Cooking

With colorful mushroom houses, tiny umbrellas, lush plants and colorful flowers, you won't be able to get enough of the colors in The Smurfs Cooking game. But you can get enough of cakes and coffee. Because what you need to do in this game is to offer all the incoming smurfs the order they want. Starting with the option of jam and plain cake, there is coffee as a drink in the game. The smurfs who come prefer only one of these products or one of the two combinations. We also give them one of our delicious cakes. They are also extremely happy to feed their bellies with cakes and coffee that taste amazing. 

The Smurfs Cooking is a sweet enough game that will make you crave sweets. And not only because of the sweet options in it. We are starting with the preparation for the festival in this enjoyable game, which also has beautiful touches such as a storied progression. We are moving step by step to our goal by trying to complete different numbers of stars in different houses. 

The Smurfs Cooking is much more than a cooking game in which many different smurfs characters like Smurfette help us progress by giving us gas, we have 5 lives and we can also accumulate sweet fruits. With this game you will enjoy the fun, you will really want to taste the sweets. Enjoy this delightful game with beautiful looking cakes that you will be as happy as if you made them yourself.

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