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Warfare Area 2

This is an online shooter Warfare Area 2 game. You must defeat all your enemies in the area before they defeat you. You're the only soldier left of your unit. Grab your gun now and overcome the bad guys! Included in the category of 3D shooting, HTML5 and war games, this game will fascinate you with its retro style. Experience a different adventure every minute in this online game that offers a lot of action! Do not stop until you have destroyed all your enemies! Shoot, feel free to use your weapons against all of them. Be sure to act quickly. There will be enemy soldiers hidden behind boxes waiting in ambush. Warfare Area 2 Be very careful with them. To improve your health, you can get support from first-aid kits. Of course, do not let your enemies find and use these bags. Find them before they find the bags, shoot them all and blow them up. Therefore, do not give your enemies the opportunity to increase their power. In short, the only way to survive in this game is to be ruthless. Never tolerate your enemies. Wherever you find them, destroy them immediately. If you have a little compassion for them, it will end you. Remember! You are a soldier and your task is to clear the area from enemies. Warfare Area 2 Stick to your unit and represent yourself in the best way as the only soldier.

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