Super Crime Steel War Hero

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3 veto, 3.7/5
Super Crime Steel War Hero

Hello, Here is a puzzle that you will solve with the man of steel. In Super Crime Steel War Hero game, you will play a bad guy character this time, not a good character. Your goal in the game will be to kill gangsters and cops. You will earn money when you destroy by attacking people who are not guilty. The more police you follow, the more money you will earn. You must destroy all vehicles and people until they are caught. You have wondered so much now in Super Crime Steel War Hero game, right? So how would you like to play this game without wasting any more time? Do not forget to collect the money you earn, which you will need when you die. In addition, the weapons and health box from the police will do your job. If you want more fun now, we invite you to the Super Crime Steel War Hero game. May luck be on your side, good luck, have fun.

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