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6 veto, 4.3/5
Incredible Monster

In the Incredible Monster Game, you have to do your best to keep a giant mutated monster under control to save the city. You will help him to fulfill the tasks that you have to do. You can choose the color of the monster when the game is first opened, but only green color is active in the first level. You have the chance to activate different colors with the coins you have earned in later levels. In the Incredible Monster game, a total of 4 big missions await you. You have to control the map and destroy all enemies in the red dot. All you have to do will be to identify them, but there will be a time waiting for you in the upper right section, will you be able to destroy all the enemies in the city? Remember that since you take on the role of a gigantic monster you can have special attacks and even throw a car towards them. We wish you good luck and have fun in the Incredible Monster game. May luck be on your side.

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