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2 veto, 4.5/5
Future Racer

Do you trust your reflexes in Future Racer? Then you have one chance to prove it in this game. In the game, you will use a spaceship that moves quite fast and you will fly quite low. Your task in the game will be not to hit the buildings of the city, can you do that? Again, there are circles that will earn you points in the game. Future Racer will earn you an extra point when you collect blue rings during the flight. Also, when you collect circles of different colors during the flight, you will have a chance to win turbo. When you buy a Turbo, your spaceship will fly twice as fast, so will you be able to do your best to be more careful in the Future Racer game? Now you can play this game alone, whether you want a friend or not. Good luck, have fun.

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