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3 veto, 5.0/5
FPS Simulator In FPS Simulator, you and your team are assigned to kill enemy bots behind the yellow field. But since these bots are robots, your weapon will take some time to kill them. So you can destroy the boats that are traveling by setting yourself an ambush zone. Are you ready to fight to fight against multiple robot bots? Your health is also important in FPS Simulator. Dec Deco Yesil, green balls will be found on the Platform, sometimes these are balls that will help you restore your health. Decoy decoy.you have to collect these, and since your gun isn't an automatic weapon, you're gonna run out of bullets sometime. How can you protect yourself during a bullet exchange in FPS Simulator? Now we wish you all the best of luck and have fun. You have no choice but to win and survive in this game. May Luck be in your favor.

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