Penguin Hop

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Penguin Hop

Penguins are animals that allow people to gain sympathy, cause affection and affection. Penguins, which especially attract people with their lame walks, continue to win your love with the Penguin Hop Game. Penguin needs to go up on a vast, car-filled road. You need to collect the gold they found on the way. After getting out of the driveways to the top without hitting the cars, you need to use lilies as pillows to cross the rivers. In the game, you are ‘Game Over’ when the car hits you or you fall into the water. It is possible to buy different costumes for yourself with the coins you earn after becoming a Game Over. Dec costumes include mammoth, husky dog, mort and many more. To play the game, you can go back and forth, right and left using the W A S D keys from the computer, as well as perform the same actions with the direction keys. If you wish, you can focus on the game to beat your own score, if you wish, you can also play to earn money in continuity to unlock all pets. At the same time, you can also enjoy the game with cute creatures other than penguins using your new pet costumes. You can feel yourself drinking hot chocolate in winter on the snow, which is the theme of the game, and enjoy all the fun of the game.

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