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Daddy Rabbit

Get ready for an excellent adventure with Daddy Rabbit. Energize your energy by eating carrots from the surrounding crates and focus on moving quickly to save the tiny bunnies that are trapped under the ground. Baby rabbits can sleep for days without realizing that they are under or above the ground, and they focus on following their father, the brown rabbit, by waking up every time they see him. Baby rabbits that fall asleep while following their father suddenly start crying when they wake up, also waking up creatures that may appear around them. These creatures – zombies – will act directly to eat baby rabbits. Daddy rabbit needs to use the carrots he has collected to get energy on the ground to keep the zombies away from their babies and get the baby rabbits safely on the ground.

Playing the game is much easier than on a computer. While it is possible to use the direction keys or the W A S D keys to move, you can kill zombies by throwing carrots with the help of the space bar. It is also possible to put the baby rabbits to sleep with the B key. For those who are going to play from a tablet and phone, it is also possible to move by clicking on the screen. You also need to click on the screen at the right moment to put the baby bunnies to sleep and kill the zombies. It is also possible to complete the game by giving a purple diamond to the mole that exists at the end of Daddy Rabbit's level.

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