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8 veto, 4.3/5
Time Shooter

Time will move only with you in Time Shooter Game. When it's still, it will slow down, including the world. When you are inactive, you can plan and carry out the next step. You can start the time by moving the character with the help of the arrow keys. We believe you will do your best for this so are you ready to race against time to destroy the red stickmen now? When you go in a planned and programmed way, you have the chance to be victorious in Time Shooter game. Your opponent stickmen will also do their best to destroy you, so you have to avoid their bullets as well. When you start the time, the bullets of your opponents will move towards you. Do you have a logical plan? Now, do your best and overcome all the levels by challenging the time in this fun game! Time Shooter We wish you good luck and good luck.

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