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2 veto, 4.0/5
Might And Magic Armies

Might and Magic Armies, one of the games that you will understand that the game's music is really effective, welcomes us with its beautiful credits that will wipe the rust from your ears with its melody. Our character, whose red hair is flying in the wind on his horse, is waiting ready with his sword in his hand and his army behind him. If you have an army enough to fit into the forests in this war game where we play the command of an army, you can hide in the forest and hide from enemies. You should also be careful when using your speed. As it increases its speed, the strength of the army decreases at the same rate. In this game, the power of the army is to use what they have wisely. 

In the Might and Magic Armies game, you walk around collecting soldiers who are standing alone. With this army you have created, you are attacking other armies and enemies. Equally your likelihood of winning increase your power is increasing. 

In the game, you must be both fast and move forward using what you have carefully. Other armies may be just as ambitious as you are and much more powerful. Without forgetting to use the forests to hide, you can go to the next soldier and increase the number of soldiers of your army after joining your army by waiting for as long as necessary when the soldiers come at them. While playing this game, you will be more connected to the game with the calming music in the background and you will notice that the pleasure you get increases many times over.

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