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Merge Fish

Hi. Are you ready to collect more points in Merge Fish game? Do your best to get the highest score by placing three or more fish next to each other. Are you ready to have fun in this HTML developed puzzle game? Take your place right away in this game, which is played free of charge, whether on the phone or on the computer. You have to drag and combine the colorfully twisting fishes around the platform to the platform, will you be able to do this? We believe that you will do your best for the highest score in Merge Fish game, so we wish you good luck in this puzzle game. Will you be able to get a high score by putting the fish in the right order by acting logically? Each fish you combine will take on a different color and over time, these colorful fish will also appear on the platform. The more fish you combine, the more points you will have. Now we wish you good luck in this fun puzzle game. We hope you reach the highest score. Merge Fish game will be happy to see you among them. Have fun.

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