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Ludibubbles is a very different balloon game from other games that are in the same genre as itself. It is easier and more enjoyable to play than other games that are of the same type as itself. You need to destroy all the balloons before they fall into the fire pit by shooting the balloons that come one after the other as if they were lined up on a rope. However, you need to be careful as you cannot shoot the balloons randomly. After each shot by Ludibubbles, you will be given a different colored balloon to shoot the balloons moving in the middle. The color given to you will definitely be present during the balloon. You should throw the balloon in your hand towards the place where you see the same color. The difference between Ludibubbles game itself and other games of the same genre is this; in many other games you have the chance to launch your balloon from only one edge of the screen, while in this game you have the chance to launch your balloon from any edge of the screen you want. Wherever the cluster you want to throw the balloon on is, you can take yourself there by touching it. Thus, by catching up with all the balloons you need to hit, you will minimize your chances of burning up in the game. The balloons that you need to shoot can sometimes appear on the screen in a single row, sometimes in two or three rows, and sometimes in two separate rows. Pay attention to all of them.

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