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Idiom Hunt

Do you want to get help from idioms in an adventure full of obstacles? With Idiom Hunt Game, it is entirely in your hands to find phrases that match the definition offered to you. In order to find and get the right ones from the words with bubbles that appear on the map, you need to pass the small obstacles presented to you and make a correct sentence. October that if you add an incorrect word to the sentence, you need to start the game from scratch. The hearts located at the top right of the map show your life bar, and these hearts decrease one by one with each sentence you set up incorrectly. Every time you pass a level, the image behind you changes, as well as the obstacles presented to you change. There are hedgehogs with hard spines on the ground, as well as thorns waiting to kill you. At the same time, the heights that will allow you to reach the words offered for you will also rise even higher. It is possible for people of all ages to play this game, which aims to teach while playing, to understand English idioms in the best way. 

It is necessary to pay attention to the best understanding of the sentence presented as an informational one. It is very easy to play this game from a computer. All you have to do is use the direction keys to be able to move and reach the words by jumping. You will learn while having fun with Idiom Hunt and you will escape from difficult obstacles while learning.

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