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Danger Dash

Danger Dash allows the game character to escape from predators in the forest by guiding him in this fast and dangerous adventure so that he can continue to escape. The game will prepare you for the game by sending instructions stating what you should do against which obstacle at the beginning. The character is constantly running, and during this time he faces many different obstacles and gold. You need to jump in the face of obstacles adjacent to the ground, lean against the obstacles standing above. If there are obstacles that you can escape to the right or left, you need to change your position on the road. You should collect the gold by going towards the gold you see on the way and jumping above. The gold you have collected will be useful for you to continue the game from where you left off if you hit the obstacle and burn. As you progress in the game, the escape becomes faster and the character starts running faster. The road sometimes splits into different branches and you can go in whichever direction you want to go. As you progress through the Danger Dash game, you will notice that the place and the surrounding elements change. If you hit an obstacle, you will be burned. If you have enough Danger Dash gold, you can continue the game where you left off for a certain number of gold by using the option to continue the game in exchange for the gold that appears on the screen.

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