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Imposter Expansion Wars

Imposter Expansion Wars game is a kind of war game. In this war game, each side has its own bunkers where the soldiers are located. The game consists of levels, and as you succeed in the game and increase your level, you will find that finishing the level you are playing at requires more fighting than the previous level. The shelters of the parties are not far from each other. When you touch the bunker that belongs to you, red arrow signs will appear in the directions where both you and other imposter expansion wars bunkers with enemy soldiers are located. Your soldiers will move together towards the shelter of your choice. If the shelter you choose belongs to your soldiers, they will go to keep that area strong and easily neutralize them when the enemy soldier arrives. If the bunker belongs to the enemy soldier, they will have captured the bunker by destroying the enemies there. The number of both your soldiers and enemy soldiers is obvious. It is written on the hills. The Imposter Expansion Wars character in the form of fire in the game is an important and dangerous element. When your soldiers and other soldiers go from one shelter to another, they shoot on the road, causing the soldiers to disappear. In this case, soldiers who are reduced in number unfortunately suffer defeat in the face of the enemy.

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