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Tomb Runner

Tomb Runner is a browser-based web game. The game is a running game in which you have to collect jewels by taking control of an Indiana Jones-like character, escaping from temples. The goal of the game is to run your character through the temple to collect jewels, overcome obstacles and collect other valuable objects such as gold coins. At this time, traps, pits, rocks, fires and other obstacles may appear on the way. You have to get through your character without hitting these obstacles and continue your way by running fast. Because Tomb Runner is a game that can be played in your browser, it does not require a special installation or installation process to play. Just go to the game's website and select the language option you want to play in and start playing.

You can move your character by using the direction keys on your keyboard to play the game. You can also jump or slide using the space key. At the same time, there are also boosters that can be collected in the game. For example, vehicles such as jetpacks, boosters that speed up your character or destroy obstacles in the environment. The game has different difficulty levels. Starting with the beginner level, you will encounter more challenging obstacles in the advancing levels. As the difficulty level increases, the value of jewels and other rewards increases. Your goal in the game is to get the highest score and survive for as long as possible. In this way, you can set a new record for yourself and achieve success at different levels of the game.

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