Squid Impostor Golden Key

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Squid Impostor Golden Key

Everyone has watched the Squid Game series. With the Squid Impostor Golden Key game, you need to score points by collecting potions around you with your small-looking character. Then you have to jump over your enemies of red and different colors who are waiting to kill you and kill them. In order to pass to the new level, you need to reach the yellow key by killing all your enemies on the map. More enemies are waiting for you with each level you pass. There are also traps waiting to kill you, as well as your enemies. You can avoid the lasers waiting for you to jump through those traps or turn off the right shutdown buttons to burn you to death. The colors in the background of the game provide a great addiction to the game, while the obstacles that exist for your character will leave you in an even more adorable world. The game is very easy to play from a computer, tablet and phone. For those who want to play on a computer, just press W A S D. 

Squid Impostor Golden Key For those who are going to play from a phone and tablet, it is also enough to just press the touch screen. With each number of enemies you kill, as well as with the potions you collect, you can get a score contraction game with your friends. It's up to you to find the hidden keys with Squid Imposter Golden Key.

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