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Reach the Core

While two robots are traveling in space, their spaceship runs out of energy. But fortunately, they detect the presence of the necessary plasma on a nearby planet. However, in order to obtain this plasma, they must reach the center of the planet they come across. Prepare to travel to the center of the planet by digging with Reach The Core. Do not forget that this digger you will use also has certain limits. You need to pay attention to everything from the durability of the digger to its energy level. You can use the ‘A’ and ’D’ keys to guide this digger, which is constantly trying to dig deep, to the right and left, and the ‘S’ key for the turbo. Do not forget to collect the materials that come across you, because these materials are what you will need the most in this game. With Materials, you can buy new components for your digger and upgrade existing features. With each upgrade you get, it will become easier for you to reach the center. 

As you go deeper into the Reach The Core game, you also get new achievements, but the dangers also increase by the same amount. Do not forget to increase your endurance to minimize the damage caused by these dangers. Also, don't forget to use the short-term upgrades that come up as you go deeper. So you can increase your chances of going deeper. You can also reach the center with Reach The Core immediately.

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