Pirates Path of the Buccaneer

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Pirates Path of the Buccaneer

Pirates path of the buccaneer wants you to take the lead in your ship's fight against other pirate ships and some other creatures located at sea. In the game, you must sink the enemy ship opposite and fight according to the instructions on the screen. To fight, you must set a target for the cannon that you will throw at the enemy with a bow-stretching movement on your own ship.  At the end of each level, you earn different amounts of gold according to the difficulty of the level. Depending on the number of gold coins earned, you can improve the speed, sp and damage status of your ship. 1. after the level, the enemy ship starts to escape. When he moves away from you, a warning message will appear on the screen. You have to catch him before he gets completely away. You need to drag the screen to go forward or backward in the sea. The enemy ship sometimes drops explosives into the sea to sink you. After a few levels, a bonus level will open in which you will collect chests of gold in 30 seconds. There is a 200 gold section where you need to kill the pirates path of the buccaneer creature named Leviathan, another section where you need to sink the enemy ship with 10 cannon shots, and as your level rises, you continue to fight with different instructions in the waters of the pirate path of the buccaneer.

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