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My Dolphin Show 9

Also called My Dolphin Show 9, this game - it will sound like a cliché but it's not - is very different from the games you know! In the game, you form a team with dolphins and enjoy competing with them. You collect coins, in return you can buy mawashis, kimonos and dozens of other clothes. You train a dolphin, put it on a show, and amaze the audience with acrobatic moves! You are proud of your work under the admiring glances of the audience! This is your biggest right. After all, being able to train a dolphin is not easy. Of course, finding an audience… Your task does not end with training the dolphin. My Dolphin Show 9 You need to gather the audience to watch your show. You must successfully complete the tasks assigned to you. For example, you pass your dolphin through the ring of bagels and thus you get points. Each task you do will increase your audience even more. Don't forget to throw water on your spectators! This will not bother them, on the contrary, it will be a lot of fun! In summary, this cute game is an aquarium adventure full of adrenaline and fun! There are 17 different levels waiting for you. If you want to dive, you can use the down arrow keys, if you want to rise, you can use the right and left arrow keys if you want to swim. You need to control your dolphin well. Delicious fish and your ability to earn cash depends on it. So take the strings now! Run through the rings, glide through the air like a swan, jump, leap and much more! My Dolphin Show 9, which is in the category of water games, animal games and action games, is one of the most popular children's games.

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