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Dr Green Alien 2

The name of the game is translated into Turkish as 'Dr Green Alien 2'. In the game, you have a mission to collect toxic wastes in space. In the game, you try to control the aliens and pass them both through challenging levels. But leveling them up will not be as easy as you think. Because these aliens are in opposite directions to each other. However, you have to control both at the same time. You can collect diamonds while trying to complete the levels and increase your power in this way. You have to help Dr Green Alien to reach the finish line. Of course, this is not a garbage collection game. 

Your goal is to save the atmosphere by cleaning the cosmic wastes invading the outer space, the remnants left by the celestial bodies into space. Dr. Dr.Green Alien 2, the sequel to Green Alien 1, is among the most popular adventure and action games. If you are meeting this series for the first time, we are sure that you will be addicted. In the meantime, you should know that you will encounter various obstacles while trying to clean the waste in space, and you have to fight with the enemies who want to eliminate you.

Our site, where we can find the most unusual and exciting games, never slows down the tempo. Our site, which raises the bar a little more with space games, invites you to hit the bottom of the adventure. Developed by FBK, Dr. Green Alien 2 is one of them.

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