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Among and Meteors

Hi. We brought you a new addictive game. How would you like to experience new excitements in the game Among and Meteors? This game will save your life if you are fast, so the faster you run, the more points you will earn. Meteors will fall towards you quickly, will you be as fast as you can to escape from these falls? There are 4 different colors among them in total. You can start the game by choosing one of these colors and do your best to escape from the meteors in the game Among and Meteors. Will you be able to earn the highest score while having fun in this highly addictive game? Since it is an online and free game, users from different countries will play this game. Will you be able to reach the highest score and write your name on the leaderboard? You need to break the score in the record table and enter the leaderboard, now we invite you to this fun Among and Meteors game without further words. You can play it free of charge, either from your phone or from your computer. We wish you good luck in this game with the hope of breaking the record score. Good luck to you, good luck.

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