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Stickman Shadow Hero

Stickman Shadow Hero, also known as stickman game; An action game full of exciting battles. Your hero in the game is a stickman. Your hero will face enemies, each more challenging than the other. 'The one who comes seeks the one who goes.' As they say, it will be just that! What you have to do is of course protect from stickman enemies and overcome these fierce enemies. Of course, you need to be prepared for this before you go into battle. For this, you must strengthen your hero, equip it with weapons and similar equipment. You can use the money you earn in the game to buy new items and weapons. Stickman Shadow Hero As you defeat enemies, your defense and attack stats will increase, and you will gain more luck and health. You must keep your character ready to fight at any moment, and you must always be on the alert against ruthless enemies. You can use your laboratory bag to get items dropped by your enemies while fighting, and improve your combat skills by transforming them into different items. You can have a rich inventory thanks to the loot left by your enemies. Consisting of 24 different levels, this game hosts a different excitement at each level. this game is a candidate to increase your adrenaline level! Stickman Shadow Hero, which is among the ninja games, is briefly the art of creating a legend from a stickman! So practice this art. Now show your talent. There are many enemies waiting to be defeated!

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