Jack O Gunner

Jack O Gunner

Jack O Gunner

Get ready for an endless adventure with Jack O Gunner. Jack, who lives in his small house in the cemetery, must kill the skeletons that surround his house every night. In order to complete the night safely, you need to go out as the day ends and kill all the skeletons around. But there is a situation that you should pay attention to, in which the colors of the skeletons determine their strength. Tue-colored skeletons have normal power, while yellow skeletons release acid into the environment when they die, and as soon as you try to pass over the acid, it will kill you. Purple skeletons, on the other hand, are faster than normal. Thanks to the gold you get with the skeletons you kill, it is also possible to improve your weapon, your weapon's strike speed and critical chances. However, by obtaining chests located on the map, you can get a temporary boost to your weapon in the middle of the game, as well as get yourself a shield and a lot of money. 

The faster you develop your skills, the faster it will be possible to defeat the powerful skeletons that roam around your house in the process. Those who want to play the game from the computer just need to move Jack with the mouse. Those who want to play from a phone and tablet also need to use the touch screen. You will have to fight a big fight for survival with Jack O Gunner.

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