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Match Shapes

Developed by 2Play, this puzzle game is one of the free browser games.  Match Shapes Game This game, which appeals to pre-school children, is a perfect brain exercise for children with its educational and entertaining content. This exciting matching game, which develops children's shape recognition skills, also teaches them to use time well. Children have to match the shapes together before the allotted time runs out. This game, which will give the child concentration and speed, will also make a great contribution to the development of hand-eye coordination. So young mathematicians! If you are confident, the stage is yours! Match Shapes The game is based on matching 2D shapes to fit together. Players need to equate items with each other based on their attributes. This game, which is frequently preferred by kindergarten teachers, not only strengthens children's ability to perceive shapes, but also increases their self-confidence.

The child learns to distinguish similar shapes from one another. It is easier to understand the differences between them. Based on the clues in the game, he completes the shapes like a jigsaw puzzle and learns faster by creating a symbolic representation of each shape in his mind.

This game, which can be played easily with the drag-and-drop method, is suitable for both Android and iOS platforms. Match Shapes So introduce your child to this game to support his mental and visual skills! If you are an educator, help your kindergarten students to develop their mental abilities by making them aware of this game.

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