Train Play
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Being a bus or train driver is the dream of some children. Although it is difficult for some children to realize this dream, it is possible for some children. Train game is the number one game for kids who can't make this dream come true. To complete the levels, to have a better train, to get more people into your train, you need to collect all the people around. As you collect all the people, it is possible to pass the next level. The more passengers you get, the longer your train will get, and the longer you will beat your own score.

The longer your train gets, the more likely you are to have an accident. Please refrain from accident! You have two different options to play the Train game on the computer. The first is possible by moving the mouse up - down - right - left, while it is possible to play with the arrow keys on the keyboard. It is also possible to open a chest for every three keys with the keys you collect on the map. You can earn more gold by opening the chests, and you can improve your trains with the gold you earn. With each level you jump, the color and shape of the map changes, as well as the number of people you will take on your train. With the increasing number of people, your train, which is small, will become huge, the possibility of biting the tail in the snake game, as well as the possibility of an accident with your train increases.

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