The Mergest Kingdom

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3 veto, 3.7/5
The Mergest Kingdom

Do you believe in fairy tales? Do you want to have a kingdom full of adventures that you wish come true? The Mergest Kingdom Game is the game for you. A huge universe with your own kingdom, your own world, your own choices and your own rules awaits you. In the big world presented to you in the game, you can collect resources, harvest resources and shape your island according to your own design by combining objects in threes.

In the game, you have to combine all the pieces in threes in order to slice the biggest building and grow the most efficient products. You can grow by combining objects, and as you grow, you can get stronger armies by participating in different adventures and battles. Get ready to embark on a journey of dragons, trees, precious stones and different discoveries. The more items you combine, the faster you can level up. No matter how big the obstacles you will encounter as you level up, your development will increase thanks to the products you combine, and it will be easier for you to cut the level bosses. It is possible to play the game from the computer or from the phone. You can pair the products in triplicate with the help of the mouse on the computer, and you can do the same from the phone with the help of your finger. You won't want to leave a game that is so easy to play!

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