Princess Astronaut 2

Princess Astronaut 2

Princess Astronaut 2

In the Princess Astronaut 2 game, it's time to start the space adventure where you will have an exciting and unforgettable experience with Princess Blondie. Start collecting hidden space objects right now in this space journey you will take with Princess Blondie.

In this game, where you are competing against the time limit, you must find the objects that you need to find, which are shown sequentially on the screen, and you must do this before the time runs out. With the level you have completed, you switch to the next level. In the first level, after finding the heads of hidden items in the house with Princess Blondie, you move on to the other level.

You should not forget that the time is getting shorter with each level you pass. Also, after completing the level, Princess Blondie also wears a piece of her space suit.  You can choose the item you want without any order. 

When the products you can't find or have difficulty with in the list are space objects, you can click on the hint option and find the hinted object with sparkles. You should remember that you only have 3 rights to get a hint. 

in the Princess Astronaut 2 game, which consists of 3 levels, you should remember that the first level lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds, while the next 2 levels last 1 minute and the last level is 45 seconds. You can complete the game by finding 7 space objects in each level as soon as possible.

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