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Ear Clinic

This is an Ear Clinic game. More precisely, a game of cleaning earwax. Yes, you didn't hear wrong. It's not a house cleaning, street cleaning or enemy cleaning game! Your goal is to clean the earwax of patients coming to your clinic without harming them. It may sound disgusting, but we can safely say that you will really have a lot of fun when you get involved in the game. Since the ear canals are extremely sensitive, it is very important not to hurt them. As you can appreciate, this is not an easy process. The doctor simulation game is developed by the involved Ear Clinic, BPTop. You will feel like a complete doctor while playing this game. You will encounter interesting treatment procedures and interesting medical tools and equipment. Many patients will come to your clinic to be treated. You need to take care of each of them individually and correctly identify the source of the problem. Then you should follow the correct treatment procedure. In doing so, you should get help from high-tech equipment, get rid of earwax from patients with the right tools. But the ear structures of your patients will be extremely fragile. Therefore, you should take it as your first priority not to damage their ears. If something happens to the eardrum, this can lead to bad consequences for you. Then don't keep your patients waiting any longer who need you now. Help them to hear better.

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