Candy Blocks

Candy Blocks

Candy Blocks

A fun-filled and enjoyable game for different age groups: Candy Blocks. All you have to do in this fun game with a fairly simple game logic is to place 6 candies in a row and win the game. But you have to be careful, because you have to strategically position the candies you place at the same time. Because each sugar group has different structures.

You earn points with the six candies you place in a row. You can get bonuses with the coins you earn; you can change the shape of the candies you need to place. But you should remember that as much as the money you earn in the Candy Block game, you have the ability to change the shape of the candiesĀ Candy Blocks.

In this game, which has a very simple playable structure, you must make strategic planning on the board before placing the candies and tactically place the candies on the board. Otherwise, you may not find a suitable area where you can place the candies you need to place on your game board, which will have a complex appearance.

How to Play?



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