Rally All Stars

Rally All Stars

Rally All Stars

How about a game that will excite those who cannot give up car racing games? Rally All Stars... Show that you are the best in the world of Rally All Stars car racing. You can get better, faster and more powerful racing cars in this race, where you will start an exciting fight with a normal car…

Now the engines have started and a breathtaking, speed-filled fight has begun... Keep collecting the gold coins to change the vehicle you have and have a more powerful vehicle. As you win the race in the fight, your ranking also increases.

You can climb to the top of the Rally All Stars Leaderboard and reach the top of the glazing around the world, and in the end you can be the one who reaches the top and sits in the first place. 

You can have a unique driving experience with different car models that you can race. To unlock different vehicles, you must finish the races before your opponents and achieve high scores.

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