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Funny Battle Simulator

Hi! Are you ready for a new adventure with the Funny Battle Simulator game? You can think of this game as a puzzle and you must use your logic while playing, otherwise you may lose the game. You have to act logically in order to win the game, so the only thing you have to do is to act carefully. In the Funny Battle Simulator game, you must position the stickmen to prevent your opponent. You can line up as many soldiers as you can score, when you sort all of these soldiers, you have to start the war or you have to restart the game. Now you have to look for ways to win by starting this fun stickman war game. Every time you win the game, you will earn +5 soldiers and a certain point for the game you have won, and with these points, you have to reorder soldiers in the next level as an extra. Now you should start this fun game and enjoy the game without wasting your time. We wish you good luck and have fun. Funny Battle Simulator game is waiting for you.

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