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Impostor Zombrush

It's time to have fun with the Impostor Zombrush game in a virtual world! A small rogue character is among us and you have been assigned to direct this little character, but what will your mission be? In the game, it will be necessary to overcome the obstacles on the blocks and save the little character despite the huge enemy trying to catch you behind your back. In Impostor Zombrush, you have to do your best to keep our little character alive. At the same time, there are gold coins prepared for you on these blocks, you have to collect these gold coins, otherwise you may have difficulty in unlocking the secret characters and locked chests at the end of the game. Do not forget that you have only one goal in this game and the room will be to reach the target smoothly. You can test it right now to have fun in the game Impostor Zombrush. Good luck, have fun, luck is on your side

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