Totally Turtles

Totally Turtles

Totally Turtles

Have you ever seen Ninja Turtles skateboarding ? Yes, in our next game, you will be performing ninja Turtles on skateboards. Totally Turtles! This game is not that easy at all, even in seconds, late click or jump the moment you fail. There are three rights within these three rights how many times can you entertain both the audience and the referee with the shows that the turtles will perform ? Totally Turtles when we played, we had a lot of fun, but by the time we got used to it, we'd be back in the game five times. Now, are you ready to perform with these turtles ? We wish you all a great time with Totally Turtles. good luck.

How to Play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, mouse.



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