Drunken Slap Wars

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3 veto, 4.3/5
Drunken Slap Wars

Be prepared for an interesting game with Drunken Slap Wars. Think about the periods when young children were able to prove whether they slapped each other during the strongest dog race or not. With this game, it will be possible for you to teleport to those periods. Choose the one that is most suitable for you from the blue and orange characters that have stickman drawings. Then, when it's your turn, take a swipe at the person in front of you, trying to pin the strongest one from the rating that comes out above you. Your goal in the game is to knock down the man in front of you with the fastest and most solid slaps. Correct rating As soon as you stand on the power bar, you can quickly knock down your opponent with a slap. Those who will play this game from the computer can also play it in pairs with friends. The first player W and the second player can also enter into competition with the up arrow key on the arrow keys. 

For those who are going to play alone, there is also a rule that they should not forget that the person opposite is also a real match person. Get ready for fun matches with this game that will make you feel like you are slapping a person in real life. Those who are going to play from a phone and tablet simply need to use the touch screen. Be prepared for long slap races with Drunken Slap Wars.

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