Apocalypse World

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9 veto, 4.8/5
Apocalypse World

Most people died because of the zombie apocalypse. And people who weren't dead turned into bloodthirsty zombies. Your mission will be to clear this cute little town from all the zombies by destroying the zombies in Apocalypse World Game. Are you gonna make it? If you want to survive in this game, you must travel to search for empty buildings and water sources. Also, you may encounter zombies at any moment, so you must fire your weapon. In the game Apocalypse world, you can continue on your way by finding a car, engine, horse. Although these things move slowly, they are quite safe from walking on foot. Now we know that you are very curious about the game, so do your best to join this fun zombie game immediately without wasting any more time. We wish you good luck and have fun at Apocalypse world.

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