Wild West: Sheriff Rage

Wild West: Sheriff Rage Play
2 veto, 3.0/5
Wild West: Sheriff Rage

Hello. You're assigned to portray the character of the sheriff in this fun shooting game. Your main goal in Wild West: Sheriff Rage will be to go as far as you can. Because there are more than one enemy on the playground, you will have an AK47 gun with you. With this weapon, you have to get rid of all the enemies around you. This game is not as easy as other games, but we believe that you will overcome this game. Wild West: Sheriff Rage its graphics are highly developed as it is developed in 3D in its game. So you have to do more than you can to get rid of the bandits around you when you walk around this city. Now do your part and tasks, starting with this fun Sheriff game, without wasting any more time. Wild West: Sheriff Rage we wish you good luck with your game. Enjoy yourselves. Good luck on your side.

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