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Trevor 2 Moneytalks

Trevor 2 Moneytalks game is an online GTA game. In the first game, you became a gangster who would control the entire city in the episode. Are you ready to do everything you can to keep this going? This time in this episode, you will wake up on the streets of Mexico. There was a party last night, and you got a girlfriend there. You're going to find out that this girlfriend has been kidnapped, and after you find out, you have to be ready to do everything you can to save your girlfriend. In Trevor 2 Moneytalks, many gangs will clash with you at the same time you have to get rid of them by constantly using different methods to get rid of them. By completing the tasks you have done, you can earn money and buy everything you need with these coins. Trevor 2 Moneytalks We wish you good luck in the  game have fun, Luck on your side.

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