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3 veto, 4.7/5
SuperSonic Jack

Hello, You are faced with a new action online game. Can you help this cute friend in the game SuperSonic Jack? All you have to do is help him on the platform with a few obstacles. When you first start the game, you need to save yourself from the rocket you are connected to. Then your race will start with time to live. Obstacles made of radioactive and lasers will appear on your platform. The further you go by overcoming these obstacles in the SuperSonic Jack Game, the more points you will earn. In addition, while you run on the platform, you will also come across gold, which will earn you extra points. The further you go and the more points you earn, you will have the chance to unlock SuperSonic Jack characters with the points you earn at the end of the game. Now, we wish you good luck and have fun, without exciting you any more.

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